I’ve always been wary of making veggie burgers because of how complicated they seemed and how many ingredients they required. I’ve never really had them commercially either, and I really wanted my first experience to be a good one. So, after stumbling across one of my new favourite food blogs, I decided to tackle the formidable veggie burger. The wonderful and genius, Angela over at Oh She Glows seemed to have the same sort of requirements in a veg burger that I did, so I gathered everything that I needed, and I got to work.

I loved making them (so easy!) and knowing exactly what was going into these burgers. I really like learning about different food combinations. And now that I’m working towards going vegetarian, I’ve been enjoying learning how to mix different food elements to get enough protein and satisfy all my daily intake needs.

My gosh these burgers do not dissappoint! So delicious – as a raw dough AND as a finished burger. I don’t have any buns, so I had my burger with a sort of rough chopped salad with applesauce and cottage cheese. Now I’ve got seven more of these tasty things hanging out in my freezer for weeknights when I work late and can’t spend a lot of time messing about in the kitchen!

These things are awesome, and I’ll definitely be making another round when this batch is gone. :)

Dickens, the Navy, Impressment, OH MY!

This is my first time ever doing actual academic work, and getting paid for it. My gosh, it’s wonderful!

The professor that I’m working for this summer is fantastic – really helpful and supportive, and a fantastic resource of information both on the academic world in general and also on the Victorian era. Sometimes I don’t know how I’ll ever remember all of these things, but I suppose it comes with time. I have a bad habit of expecting myself to be perfect at everything…. and that’s not exactly realistic. Especially in this case.

While I have read some Dickens (A Christmas Carol, A Tale of Two Cities, Little Dorritt), I feel like I should be reading more of his work this summer now that I actually have the chance, and it’s his bi-centennial. So that’s one resolution. The research is also really interesting because I get to look into the periodicals that he edited as well – Household Words, and All the Year Round. So that has been both frustrating because I’m dealing with limited library holdings, but amazing because I’ve never done any work with Victorian periodicals before.

And really, who doesn’t love learning more about the Navy, impressment, and various mutinies. I admit, it might not be everybody’s cup of tea… but I’m really enjoying learning more about them. I can’t wait to find out what will be next on my research task list!


Struggling always
across the silences I’ve
and weeping for things
I’ll never find.
This barren room is mine,
these hushed stone walls,
that desolate window;
They are all mine.
Here too is my painted mask
with the lonely eyes.
I can’t hear your voice anymore.
Unknowingly I gave up that chance.
Our chance.
I may not be far,
but I’ll not stray near –
I’ll not go to that window
Because I can’t endure the pain
of seeing that which I have lost.

Woven Misery

Keeling here,
Sewing sorrows
The tender skin
Of upturned palms.
If you touch me
You’ll feel them,
I don’t want to make you sad
So please don’t touch
My fingers,
Please don’t hold
My hands.

Entry into Academia

I find it hard to fully believe that my undergraduate degree has finally come to and end. Five years of work culminating in one piece of paper and a handshake. But, oh – the significance of that piece of paper. Someone should do a Foucaulian analysis of the university and graduate school system.

And really, who am I kidding? I’m excited to wear those gowns too!

Next up on the educational playlist is my Master’s. After much thought and deliberation with various professors, I’ve decided pretty solidly on McGill. The program is excellent overall, there is a great student cohort, I’ll be able to work with some fantastic academics, and really – who can find fault with a city like Montreal? Mind you, I have never been, but I have heard nothing but excellent things. This whole practice of studying/living in cities I’ve never been to is starting to become a habit. There are worse things, though I’m sure.

I’m hoping that my summer research assistantship will help to prepare me for some of what lies ahead. My supervisor will also be helping me to prepare both by PhD and funding applications by summer’s end, so I’ll be walking into my MA armed and ready for the next round of applying. Granted, while some of what I will be doing will be simple tasks – it all adds up to more academic experience, and that’s exactly what I need at this point. Not to be daunted by the bleakness of the job situation at present, I still hope to finish my education and become a professor. Not only for the opportunity to do my own research, but to teach. I just hope the confidence to do so will be forthcoming. I’m excited to get into more of the research aspect of things this summer, though. This will definitely be a good preparation for when I’ll be doing my own work. She gave me a bot of a hinted warning though, as she’s had bad experiences with research assistants in the past and is still having to hound them for their work. I can only hope that I can stay on top of things and do a really good job to not only help my chances of being kept on the project after I go to Montreal at the end of the summer, but this prof is one that I respect immensely and I don’t want to disappoint her or jeopardize her faith in me.

So no pressure. I think it will go well though. And I’m really excited for the summer, it’s going to be great!

till next time!